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4 Top Marketing Mistakes Tech Companies Make

Marketing Mistakes

Marketing in general can be a bit of a beast. Every company knows they should be doing it, but every company struggles with determining what methods work best for them.

This is true of all companies, no matter their size. Fortune 500 companies struggle with what marketing strategies work best, just as startup companies do. And the fact that the marketing landscape changes on a nearly daily basis doesn’t help the situation.

Companies with especially complex solutions, such as those within the technology space, have an even harder time marketing to their customers because they need to convey the intricacies of their solution, which often requires a lot of existing knowledge in their field, to a consumer with an average attention span of 8 seconds. Read more…


Should You Raise VC Funds or Not

Business concept, Businessman confuses between two choices of money.

There are many businesses that are capable of becoming very large ($50-100+ million revenue) businesses. These businesses need cash to grow. In the right circumstances and in the right amounts, venture capital is the best way to scale the business.

But raising venture capital is like adding rocket fuel to a business and for many early-stage companies it is not warranted and dilutes the founders/start-up team’s return significantly. Read more…

PR for Early Stage Companies: Pros & Cons


As the CEO of an early stage company, there are a lot of hats you have to wear. The list of tasks to complete are never-ending and with limited employees, there are many different job functions you have to take on – some that you may be familiar with, and some that may fall outside your realm of expertise.

You’re also constantly being advised on the many things you should be doing in order to be successful, so how do you know which areas to prioritize when you have limited resources? Read more…

Best Traits of A Successful CEO

I’ve worked with hundreds of small companies around the world. Every one had something unique to offer. So why do some companies grow and some don’t?

The primary difference was the CEO, the founder, the entrepreneur that made something of the company. Every successful company needed some luck but the most successful entrepreneurs had the same traits. Read more…

How to Save Money on Content Marketing

Like many of my clients, I don’t have a lot of resources at my disposal to create the hundreds of pieces of content that I know I need in order to do really effective content marketing.

With so many different ways for customers to consume content in today’s digital world, the idea of just starting out on this task seems daunting. How to know where to begin?

Let me share with you what I do. There are 2 ways to begin tackling this challenge that don’t require a lot of money or a huge team of marketers:

  1. Distill the Customer Journey to 3 general phases and correlate the content you create to these 3 phases
  2. Repurpose your content! Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

Read more…

How Milestones Affect Your Valuation


A big reason early stage companies fail is because they ran out of cash. A key job of the CEO is to understand how much cash is left and whether that will carry the company to a milestone that can lead to a successful financing, or to cash flow positive. Read more…

Today’s Customer Journey – How it’s Disrupting Your Marketing

If you are in marketing, you well know that for years we were told that the customer conversion funnel looked like this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.51.49 AM

A direct, linear pathway to a sale that ended at the conversion.

Later, we were told the funnel was no longer a ‘funnel’, but instead a loop – that looked like this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.58.20 AM

With the conversion point no longer the end of the journey, but instead opening a new pathway towards building customer loyalty and advocation.

But in today’s world, with hundreds of thousands of media outlets and different ways to consume content, the customer conversion journey really looks more like this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 2.51.02 PM.png

Read more…