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Investors and potential acquirers look at your company from a certain perspective. Every investor and acquirer’s main objective is to grow companies, improve them and, in the case of an investor, sell them to create a nice return.

Do you see what they see?  By looking at your company the way they do you’ll see opportunities for growth hiding in plain view, learn how to do more with what’s already deployed and realize the benefits in 1 or 2 quarters.

There comes a time when the valuation of your company suddenly matters. A lot. Whatever the reason, it’s a tricky challenge to increase the valuation for any company that doesn’t have an obvious and sexy advantage.

While leading Strategy and Corporate Development for more than 15 years for OpenTV, Cyberguard, Secure Computing, and Lumension, we faced these challenges and many more.  We were approached by many investors and potential acquirers, and I looked at hundreds and acquired dozens of companies.  We were looking for the same thing – inefficiencies.  I learned to think like they do, to spot opportunities to increase my company’s valuation with as little investment as possible in as short a time period as possible.

Not everyone appreciates my deliberate style but those who do also come to appreciate the calm persistence and creativity with which I help them see the opportunities right in front of them that they just couldn’t see.

Wine Tasting

That’s Mike in the middle, the tall one, doing one of the things he loves best – drinking wine with friends.

When not increasing the valuation of my clients, I love sharing wine with my wife, family and friends, playing golf, hiking with my Bernese Mountain Dog, exercising in spin classes and yoga, and playing guitar.

My Berner, Rocky

Mike’s Berner, Rocky

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