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After years successfully crafting a corporate strategy and executing on M&A deals for my employers, I found that I could help more than one client at a time and so I went into business for myself – that way I could successfully help multiple companies grow, develop partnerships, and eventually exit simultaneously.

Profile PicIn founding The Revenue Group, I’ve made countless connections and lifelong friendships helping cyber security entrepreneurs discover strategic methods for increasing their valuations, as well as developing an actionable roadmap for capitalizing on them. From my Corporate Development experience, I’ve learned how to evaluate a company the way an acquiror does, by looking for inefficiencies, and I use that knowledge to identify “easy wins” as well as long term adjustments to existing business structures that are guaranteed to increase a company’s value.

Whether my advice is welcomed or brutally honest, I will do everything in my power to make sure you and your company succeed in obtaining the goals you originally set out to accomplish, because that helps me achieve my ultimate goal too: to help people be rewarded by the company they work for and receive a great reward for working there. My brand promise is to deliver 10x value for the service provided.

When I’m not running The Revenue Group I’m also an Operating Partner for Sway Ventures ( and Managing Director and Mentor for Nex Cubed’s Startup Accelerator Program in San Francisco (  I’ve previously held positions in Strategy and Corporate Development at software firms Lumension, Secure Computing, Cyberguard, and OpenTV. I’ve helped each company sell for over $150MM and have successfully bought 10 other companies around the world and invested in 3 on their behalfs. I have a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan, and an MBA in International Finance from Thunderbird. I enjoy playing guitar, sharing my extensive wine knowledge with friends & family (or anyone interested really), and hitting a few rounds of golf every now and then.

Sign up on our website for a quick & free consultation with me to see how we might be able to help you achieve your desired valuation today – or just to chat about wine if you’d prefer:


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