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Marketing to IT Decision Makers – Who Really Holds the Influence in Purchasing IT Solutions?

by on July 11, 2017

IT Decision Maker Influencer

If you’re focusing your marketing efforts on C-suite executives because they’re the decision makers for buying your IT solution, you’re approach is limiting your effectiveness.

While the C-suite, or Business Decision Maker (BDM), may have the ultimate say in the buying decision, they actually have a smaller role in the purchasing process than you might think.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t target them solely:

  1. The universe for the C-suite audience is quite small.  According to LinkedIn there are only 233,000 CIO, CISO, CTO, and CMOs in total, which means that there aren’t enough of these individuals to warrant excessive time or resources on reaching them.
  2. This audience is also quite expensive to message to, if you’re doing paid marketing, and their time is limited. You might be more effective in reaching this target if you spent most of your time (and marketing budget) on reaching one C-suite executive in particular.

A better marketing approach is to cast a wider net – aimed at those individuals who are most heavily involved in the tech being purchased: the IT pros.

While a BDM might be involved in the purchase decision 69% of the time, an IT pro is involved 100% of the time.

They are the gatekeepers, if they aren’t convinced by the solution then it won’t reach the Business Decision Maker for review or approval.

The roles for the BDM and IT Pro are very different in the determining which solution to move forward with:

IT Decision Maker

IT pros are the ones that do most of the research and recommend the best solution to the BDM. They have a heavy influence on the BDM’s decision.

So be sure you are marketing to both BDMs and IT pros in order to ensure you are reaching the right individuals involved in the purchasing process.

John Webb, executive director of EMEA at Spiceworks states: “B2B marketers must take into consideration their technology category, buyer stage, and product type when deciding where to focus their marketing spend, but their efforts will likely be unsuccessful if they choose to bypass the IT decision maker.”

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