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How Golf Tips can help you Grow Your Company

by on March 18, 2015

Business golf

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a guidebook that laid out all of the things you have to do to grow your good company into a great company?

Instead you learn – you read books, talk to others, learn from experiences what works and generally what doesn’t work.

But, you may ask, what specific things do I need in order to address the issues my company is facing?  How do I manage MY problem?  How do I scale?  How do I create capacity for growth?  What do I need to do differently to raise capital?

In many ways, it’s like trying to improve your golf game.  There is no shortage of tips on how to hit the ball farther, straighter, and score better.  Just switch to “this” ball, use these “clubs”, or follow these tips.

I’m going to go on a tangent here.  Let’s talk about golf tips.

What does that have to do with growing your company?

Hang with me for a bit.

There are tons of golf tips available to any golfer.  There are TV shows, magazines, twitter feeds, and YouTube videos with so many tips to help your game.

The best advice for anyone looking to get better? Don’t pay any attention to those.


Because those tips may not apply to your specific circumstance.  Instead you end up with a mind full of tips and frustrated that your game isn’t improving. You can end up working on solution to a problem you don’t have, just like I did!

My “miss” is to hit a weak shot that fades to the right.  I looked for tips online on how to fix that issue.  The tips included changing my grip, changing my stance, rotating my hips more, rotating my shoulders less, turn with my chest, stop casting, stop going over the top, etc.  A friend suggested I shorten my backswing.

Whew.  I tried them all!

Didn’t really help. I had a different result but not what I really wanted.  I may not have hit the high, weak fade anymore but I still had a problem.  I was totally unsure of where my ball was going as I stood over it.  I had no confidence in my shot.

I finally went to a pro for help.  He video taped me and showed me EXACTLY what my problem was – I was over swinging (so my friend was right, my back swing was too long) but not because I rotated too far but because I was bending my left elbow too much.

And the pro gave me a fix for my problem.  It wasn’t that I needed to keep the left arm straight – a bent elbow was the symptom of my problem.  The problem was that my right arm was not extending back far enough.  I essentially needed to push the club away on the backswing.

This creates the effect of a shorter swing and a straighter left elbow.  And this creates a more powerful and consistent swing.

As a result, I now am VERY confident as I stand over my ball. Furthermore I’m hitting my driver 15-20 yards further, and straighter and my irons 5-10 yards further.

Turns out I was trying to fix a problem I didn’t even have!

But it took an objective and trained eye to see my issue and then provide a customized fix that works for my game.

So what is the best way to improve your golf game?  Work with a teaching pro that will help you with your specific issues. The pro will give you an outside perspective and an objective, trained view of your game.  The pro will work with your specific issues to make you a better golfer, as you move from one issue to the next.  This creates a personalized plan of improvement that only works for you.

Or you can keep doing what you’ve been doing.  You may not get any better but then maybe that’s not your objective. Maybe you just want to have fun.  But wouldn’t it be more fun if you played better?

So wouldn’t it be nice if you had a guidebook that lays out the specific issues you need to address, the timeline for addressing them, the milestones needed to be achieved, and the overall effect that will have on the business in terms of sales, operations and valuation?

This guidebook or blueprint for building your business gives you the confidence to make the changes needed to grow the business, knowing that what you’re doing will have a positive and tangible impact on the value of the business.

It will give you clarity of focus for what project to undertake first, to tackle next quarter, even next year, making your annual strategic planning process so much more effective.

Or you can keep doing what you’ve been doing and stay right where you are.

Revenue growth isn’t a strategy, it’s a result.


If you’re wondering how you build a company that you can sell for a premium in a few years, contact me to discuss the Valuation Amplification Process.

I also invite you to download the white paper and learn the 5 step process on How to Quickly Increase Your Valuation: a Proven 5 Step Process.


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