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Make Your Size an Advantage

by on August 13, 2014

Holding Back

What’s holding you back from really growing your company and increasing your valuation?  Do you think it’s the market conditions or the economy, a lack of money, not having the right people, or maybe technology hurdles?

One excuse I hear all the time is, “We don’t have the sales budget”; or “We don’t have the marketing budget”; even, “If we just had more money…”

You don’t need a lot of money to create the results and the company you want.  Lack of money is a common excuse for not being creative.

You, your managers, and your board can make all kinds of valid sounding excuses about why a new idea, business or project isn’t moving forward.  You need more time, or more marketing budget, or your people aren’t motivated, or you need funding, etc.

None of these are real obstacles to moving forward to get what you want, whether it’s more growth, increased valuation, predictable sales revenue, or increased cash flow.  There is ALWAYS a way to move forward, even without money.

Mid-market companies need to stop limiting their options and opportunities because they’re small or have little cash and that they need to start acting like bigger companies with more tools and resources.

In fact, there is a way to do more with what you’ve already deployed and realize the benefits in 1 or 2 quarters.

In case you’re thinking, “Easy for you to say.  You worked at some big companies that stood out in their industry.  You didn’t need a budget because you had the brand name.  You had all kinds of support.  What if I want to increase my valuation but don’t have a big brand or budget?”

True, the companies I worked for had great reputations for building world-class products.  But we were not cash rich nor did we have a lot of free cash flow to implement our growth strategies.  To increase our value we needed to do more with what we had.

What we DID have:

  • A commitment to increasing valuation.  This commitment was evident in everything we did and drove all of our activities.
  • A written strategic plan to increase valuation.  We knew what needed to be improved, refined, and developed that would drive our valuation up.
  • An optimistic attitude that saw this as an interesting challenge, and it could be fun solving it.

The point is that when you’re low on resources, by having a clear objective and looking at it as an interesting challenge, you can force yourself and your management team to GET CREATIVE.


If you’re wondering how you build a company that you can sell for a premium in a few years, contact me to discuss the Valuation Amplification Process.

I also invite you to download the white paper and learn the 5 step process on How to Quickly Increase Your Valuation: a Proven 5 Step Process.


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