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Interested in creating sustainable growth and value?

by on August 7, 2014


Does this sound familiar?

A CEO of a mid-sized technology company was not happy with the offer a strategic buyer made for his company.  This was supported by an opinion from an investment bank.

He tried all of the usual fixes to increase valuation.  He changed his sales compensation plan to incent his sales teams to sell more.  He offered big sales incentive programs (spiffs).

He tweaked his marketing spend to add more social media activities in order to generate more leads.

These activities initially showed some promise but soon began to stall and ultimately failed to change behavior and delivered no long term benefits.

He was still valued at far less than he thought the company was worth.

Why?  Because they weren’t designed to optimize what generates the highest return.

He needed to implement changes that would create sustainable growth and value.

Instead he worked with us to look at the entire organization from a holistic perspective, like a PE firm would.  He looked for inefficiencies and to identify operating issues that may be negatively impacting or at least suppressing the company’s valuation, but more importantly to find where he can get the biggest uplift in value through building on the company’s special capabilities, it’s SECRET SAUCE – something they do better than anybody else.

This resulted in a strategic plan for growth, a road map, with specific short term, mid-term, and long term steps across 8 different areas that when implemented increased his valuation.

He was able to sell the company above the number he was looking for and within the desired time frame set for the project.


If you’re wondering how you build a company that you can sell it for premium in a few years, contact me to discuss the Valuation Amplification Process.

I also invite you to download the white paper and find out How to Quickly Increase Your Valuation – A Proven 5 Step Process.


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