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Think Differently – Focus on that ONE thing

by on June 18, 2014

bby steps

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • How do I accelerate my rate of growth?
  • Can I find financing for this acquisition?
  • Will this business be successful?
  • Is it just a matter of spending more money?
  • How do I do this on a limited budget?
  • My biggest competitor just got acquired by a much bigger company!  What do I do now?

All of these questions, these doubts, create obstacles.  They’re impediments to doing the right thing.

“A lot of people ask themselves questions until they’re so scared of the future they’ll never do anything new,” says Tobias van Schneider of Spotify.  He’s talking about people doing something new, taking chances, creating something.  You can read more here in a piece by First Round Review.

You don’t have to have all the answers.  You don’t even have to have most of the answers.

All you need is one thing – the very, very, very first step you will take to realize your goals.

That’s it.

Just that very next step.  

Is your goal to sell your company for a premium?  Focus on the very first step to make that happen.

Is your goal to accelerate your growth rate and differentiate your company from the masses in the market?  Focus on the very first step to make that happen.

“If you can remove all fears and go one step at a time, you will find things that will guide you along the way,” says van Schneider. “You will learn new things, absorb new information, meet people, get feedback, see demand in different areas — new doors will open up for you.”

What typically happens when we’re faced with these questions, these fears, or an impossible situation like accelerating revenue growth, is that we complain.  We get angry.  We question.  We look for a way out and we feel sorry for ourselves.

Of course, none of these things affect the objective reality of moving your company forward and selling it for a premium.  Not in the way that simply pushing forward and taking the very next step can.

It’s this all too common impulse to complain, defer, and then give up that holds us back.

We all have limitations and obstacles.  While we may not be able to overcome them all we can do so much better than we are doing today.

Just take that very first step.

Are you ready to get to work?

Each company is different but the PROCESS to a big exit for EVERY company is exactly the same.

Make Your Company a Great One

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