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Fast Growth is Different

by on February 14, 2014

Fast Lane

Mergers are the Fastest Game in Town

When it comes to growth, mergers are the fastest game in town.  And you have to manage fast or you fail.

Of course, raw speed is not enough to guarantee success.  Managing badly at high speed is as big a mistake as moving slowly in hopes of avoiding error.

The secret is to move more rapidly – to accelerate hard – but to have the right touch at the wheel.  Speed is the essential element in your management approach.  It’s just not enough by itself.

You can’t win the race against generic merger problems without speed, but you also need to follow other fundamentals to keep from getting hurt in the fast lane.


Seek out and find objective, skilled, third-party assistance to accelerate your growth through acquisitions and guarantee the efficacy of the approaches used during the acquisition processes. In addition, you need ideas, insights, and proven methods used in similar situations elsewhere to deal with known dynamics such as finding the right targets, uncovering risks and weak points in the target companies, determining a proper value and implementing a negotiating strategy with the desired target, as well as dealing with unknown risks and issues that are sure to arise.

All companies are not created equal.  That’s why the better ones use guided mergers to grow fast.  

FREE Paper

If you are currently exploring an acquisition, maybe you’ve identified a company that seems interesting, or maybe you’re thinking you might look at some opportunities to acquire some technology in the next 3-9 months, I invite you to download the FREE paper and find out how to uncover what the seller doesn’t want you to know.


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  1. OUTSTANDING as usual Mike

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