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Hire Smart, Really Smart

by on September 11, 2013

Build a TeamEditor’s note: This guest post was written by Pat Clawson, Chairman and CEO, Lumensiona global leader in endpoint management and security software.  

A philosophy I have always believed in is company leaders don’t build the business. Rather, they strategically build a team that builds the business.

To get this done well, you have to assemble a team of the brightest people out there. Qualifications are of course important but so are characteristics. Some of what I look for are:

  1. Motivation: are they interested in achieving big things?
  2. Team builder: are they able to generate results with a hardworking group of people?
  3. Integrity: can I trust they have prioritized what is best for our customers?
  4. Big thinkers: will they bring new ideas for improvements and efficiencies, in spite of potential risk?

Characteristics I don’t need are apathy and like-mindedness. Surrounding myself with ‘what-about-this’ risk takers has always served me well.

In the information security industry, we struggle with finding strong technical talent. While there has been a degree of academic debate over this issue recently (for yes, there is a shortage, read here and for no, a shortage is a myth, read here) we have found a shortage of qualified technical talent to be fact. Over the years, we’ve scoured the globe for people who hold the necessary qualifications and characteristics that fit our culture and there just isn’t enough. And we aren’t alone; many tech companies out there struggle with this issue, including Microsoft and Google. So we took this dilemma as an opportunity to think bigger. How could we attract more technical talent now and in the years to come? Our answer came via a partnership with Missouri University of Science & Technology.

After donating licenses of our Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite for all campus endpoints, we extended the software’s mission beyond improving university security and maximizing IT efficiencies to include educating students. Our software and a few Lumension staffers will be a part of the computer science program where we hope to not only encourage students but gain fresh new ideas on additional tools IT departments will find useful. We also hope to recruit their brightest minds. The program is new so there are no results to report yet but we are optimistic. And excited.

A partnership of this magnitude is not without risk but of course the biggest risk in business is never taking one.

Pat Clawson is Chairman and CEO of Lumension, a global leader in endpoint management and security software. He may be contacted at


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