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K3 Strategic Development and The Revenue Group form Partnership

by on September 9, 2013

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K3 Strategic Development Group and The Revenue Group form Partnership to Diversify Markets for Client Base

K3 Strategic Development Group (K3), a specialized growth strategies firm that implements corporate development models for government contractors, has recently formalized a partnership with The Revenue Group, an innovative leveraged growth firm for technology companies, in efforts to provide their clients an avenue into new market segments.

The partnership between K3 and The Revenue Group is a natural combination. Although both companies provide similar inorganic growth strategies for technology companies, the firms operate in two very different industries. K3 is a specialist in the U.S. federal market while The Revenue Group are experts in the global commercial markets.  By cross-pollinating efforts, clients of either company gain the benefit of an expert into an important market segment beyond what may be their natural domain.

For the most part, smaller companies that are well-embedded in the federal market typically do not have a strong base of commercial customers. These companies often get so involved with the government procurement process that they tend to put minimal effort into obtaining commercial business. At the same time, because the markets have completely different sales approaches, companies in the federal sector simply do not know where to begin to launch an effective marketing campaign to create awareness in the commercial market. The Revenue Group is a team of highly successful corporate and business development executives that have created partnerships around the world, and have acquired and sold international organizations to create quantum growth in the commercial market.

Similar to the experience of government contractors, commercial companies that have little to no expertise in the federal market often find themselves on the losing end of the complex procurement process that is inherent in the government contracting sector.  K3 provides the critical knowledge of and experience with the necessary procedures and are connected with the right people, thereby significantly increasing success in the U.S. federal market..

The combined partnership of K3 and The Revenue Group allows for a seamless conduit into both the commercial and government market. Clients of either firm will have the added value of implementing a dynamic growth strategy to encompass a dual business development effort to drive revenue and take on a customer base in a different nature. Being able to operate in diverse markets offers a distinct competitive advantage for emerging businesses.

For more information, please visit K3’s website at and The Revenue Group’s website at


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  1. Lee permalink

    Sounds like a winning combo to us. Gordy & Lee

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